Recommendations for our clients



The hotel staff has been instructed in all aspects related to the prevention of COVID-19 infection. The hotel will put a flyer with some simple recommendations for customers in each room, to help them prevent the risk of contagion.

  • Reception: At the hotel reception, as well as throughout the establishment, unnecessary physical contact with customers will be avoided to guarantee their protection and the necessary material will always be available for the continuous disinfection of items in regular use. Likewise, immediate action procedures will be enabled in cases of clients with symptoms of contagion.
  • Lifts: Customers will be informed at check in that the lifts may only be used by members of the same family, unless masks are used. The disinfection and maximum ventilation of the elevators will be taken care of.
  • Rooms: A brief letter with recommendations for clients will be placed in all rooms to help them avoid contagion and exposure to the virus.
  • Dining room: The capacity will be limited, clients will be informed of the hygienic measures to be taken into account and the provision of hydroalcoholic gel and the maintenance of safety distances will be guaranteed. The disinfection of the furniture and the optimal ventilation of the room will be intensified and the use of sterilised cutlery and single-use napkins will be established.
  • Buffet: The hotel staff will serve the customer with the food they request directly on their plate. Individual, covered portions will also be used and the safety distance will be persistently reminded to customers throughout the restaurant.
  • Show cooking: The staff for the show cooking point will be increased and more elaborations will be prepared. They will be served directly to the client to minimize the risk of cross-contamination. All critical points in the show cooking point will be strictly controlled on an ongoing basis.
  • Bar: The capacity will be limited, and special attention will be paid to maintaining safety distances and to the correct handling of barware, as well as to the continuous cleaning and disinfection of furniture.
  • Pools: The use of pools will be regulated by hotel staff to limit capacity and to avoid crowds that may pose a danger to customers. Cleaning of areas, furniture and objects of regular use in the pool area will be extreme.
  • SPA: The SPA will only be accessible by reservation, and only for members of the same family unit, who will be informed of the corresponding security protocols. The presence of unnecessary furniture or elements will be limited as much as possible and access to disinfecting gel will be facilitated.
  • Cleaning: The cleaning staff will reinforce their presence in the common areas, paying special attention to the continuous disinfection of cranks, handrails, elevators, switches, buttons, etc.

All clients should inform the hotel staff in case of symptoms compatible with contagion by the coronavirus. In case of finding any confirmed case of contagion, the hotel has established a strict, special management, cleaning and disinfection protocol for rooms, in accordance with the instructions of the Ministerio de Sanidad.